Dog Walking in Uckfield

I started 4 Paws Outdoors because I want to offer a people and pet friendly service for dog walking in Uckfield and the surrounding villages.

Whether your pooch needs a long energetic or short sedentary walk, group or individual requirements are catered for or your dog  just needs a quick pop in at home service, nothing is too much trouble and you have piece of mind that whilst you are not able to be there for your dog, I can be.

This is not a big franchise company where you may have a different walker visit your home each time….No its just me. However that means you and your dog get used to just me!I hope this will lead to happy customers and very happy dogs.

I am dedicated to providing a professional service and one that whilst your dog is in my care, it will be treated like one of my own.

A bit about me

For the past 20 years I have been privileged to be a dog owner and dog walking in Uckfield has become part of my day. The bond between human and canine is a unique and  a special thing and 20 years ago I was blessed to share my life with a truly special breed of dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog. This was my first experience with any dog and when we welcomed Pebbles into our lives it set my love for this breed on a lifelong journey.

I now have another wonderful companion , Elsa, and I am very grateful for each day I share with her. I also have a wonderful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maisy, who is now in her elder years but still enjoys a short walk. Both are wonderful additions to my family and I will never be without my canine companions.

I live in a beautiful part of the Sussex countryside where there are some amazing places to walk. I am extremely lucky to call this countryside my office and enjoy dog walking every day, no matter what the weather with my two girls.