Dog walking service… why choose 4 Paws Outdoors?

We all know that as humans we should get regular exercise to stay fit and healthy and its exactly the same for dogs which is why I started a dog walking service. Dogs need to fulfil their breed instincts and daily walking gives them their chance to do this.

Without this physical and mental stimulation dogs become bored and a bored dog could mean a a badly behaved dog. Most breeds need at least an hours walk a day, some even more, and by keeping your dog active can only enhance the quality and hopefully longevity of your canine pal.

There could be many reasons why you need me in your dogs life. Maybe you work all day or you are not able to walk for any number of reasons , but you still enjoy the company of a dog. I can provide your pet with the daily exercise, companionship and routine they need and  piece of mind you need.

How I work

My service is what it says on the tin so if you book a one hour walk that is just what your dog will receive, so this doesn’t include any travel time.

I pride myself on being a responsible walker and need to ensure the safety of yours and other dogs, so off lead walking will only be done with the owners permission

I walk in manageable groups, numbers appropriate to the types of personalities and abilities of dogs on the walk.

My van is fully caged with the added benefit of air conditioning.

I have a dog first aid and dog walkers certificate and I am fully insured, so you have piece of mind that your dog will be well cared for during their walks.

If you think I can help you I would welcome the opportunity to find out what you and your dogs needs are.